Monday, January 14, 2013

Tassie :: The Bushfire begins

first there were rainbows

double rainbows

the morning of the fire

Dunalley burning

Murdunna burning

Our friends in Hobart feared for our safety
photo credit Ian Stewart

We are safe and well and at the time of this post our house still stands and our little bay remains untouched by fire. Others were not so lucky if you would like to help those in need you can donate here.


  1. i can't hardly believe this, as i'm sure it is a lot more shocking to be almost in the middle of it. i'm so sorry... and glad you're safe.
    your holiday snaps look the part, helen. i hope your next break will be filled with calm again, so as to quiten the nerves, and all.
    much love,

    1. I look at this foto and cant believe I was in the middle of it my poor friends had this view from their balcony they were out of their minds with worry poor things. But thankfully now Stan and I are pretty much back to normal. Thank goodness. :)